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Cheeky Monkey’s softplay centre is a popular destination for children and families. They offer a range of activities and play areas for children, and they wanted to update their flooring to create a more vibrant and playful atmosphere. Booths Flooring was tasked with providing a solution that would meet the needs of the client.

Challenges: The primary challenge for Booths Flooring was to select a flooring solution that would be durable and long-lasting, while also being able to withstand the high foot traffic and play equipment. In addition, the flooring needed to be colourful and visually appealing to create a fun and engaging environment for children.

Solution: After considering various options, Booths Flooring recommended the installation of colourful carpet tiles. These tiles were selected for their durability, ease of installation, and ability to create a visually stimulating environment.

The installation process began with a thorough site survey to determine the requirements of the project. Booths Flooring then worked closely with Cheeky Monkey’s to select the most suitable colours and designs for the carpet tiles. The tiles were cut and installed with precision to ensure a seamless finish.

Results: The installation of the carpet tiles created a vibrant and engaging environment that was well received by Cheeky Monkey’s customers. The tiles were also found to be durable and easy to maintain, making them a practical solution for the high foot traffic and play equipment.

Conclusion: Booths Flooring was able to provide a solution that met the needs of Cheeky Monkey’s softplay centre. The installation of colourful carpet tiles not only created a fun and playful environment for children but also provided a practical and durable flooring solution. Booths Flooring’s attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction were key factors in the success of the project.